About RAE

Empowering Success through Teamwork and Support

What We Do

We are a cohesive community of Hispanic business professionals and entrepreneurs who firmly believe in the power of teamwork. Our primary focus is on mutually referring business opportunities and providing unwavering support to one another, all aimed at collectively accomplishing our individual and collective goals.

Our Mission

To create a positive environment where profitable business relationships may be started and nourished. To promote doing business with each other and local non-profits to make Tucson a better place to live and work in.

Our Vision

To become a nationwide program to promote business solidarity and growth throughout the Hispanic Business Community.

Our History

After having been a part of multiple local chambers of commerce, Rumbo Al Exito was founded in 2014 by Omar Antelo because he realized a key element that they were not very successful at, member to member lead generation. Mr. Antelo believed it was possible to create a business networking group that would generate more referrals between the members, by creating a positive environment where fruitful business relationships could arise out of and be nourished in. Over years, this group has emphasized lead quality over lead quantity.